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 FaTaLiK D34tH Application

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PostSubject: FaTaLiK D34tH Application   Sun Nov 01, 2009 11:21 pm

XBL GT: FaTaLiK D34tH or Luhve

Gamebattles Username (For Competitive): FaTaLiKD34tH

Prestige: 2

Level : 55

KD Ratio: 1.33

What You Can Bring To The Clan: Im a good m4a3 sniper, and i have good accuracy with the m16 and mp5

What Game Modes You Usually Play: Anything besides hardcore and cage match

Where Did You See About Our Clan: Friend Told Me

Trying Out For HC or Core: Core

Casual Or Competitive: Both

Any Other Information That Will Help Me Make My Decision: I will help out the team with call outs and definitely kills

Why do you want to be in AAE:

Age/Location: 15 1/2 / California

Will you be active on the forums and COD4: yes on weekends
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Teh Boss
Teh Boss

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PostSubject: Re: FaTaLiK D34tH Application   Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:26 pm

What friend told u? So for competitive we have a one week probationary period to make sure u will be active on the forums and XBL and such. Please add XxTH3 S1NxX, Jailescape,WALTERS M82A1, AIRBORNECASULTY, and Nev Zer0 to ure ffriends list.

-The Outsider-
-The Escape-
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FaTaLiK D34tH Application
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