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 FishFuzz99's application [Jan 3rd EFM]

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PostSubject: FishFuzz99's application [Jan 3rd EFM]   Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:06 pm

XBL GT: FishFuzz99
AIM: Don't have one.
Level/Prestige: 47 I think
KD Ratio/Accuracy: 1.26/Just under 22%
What Game Modes You Usually Play: Sabatoge, Head Quarters, Doesn't really matter
Where Did You See About Our Clan/ Were you Reffered by an exsisting member: CoD4boards
Alpha(Competitive[Requires 1.1 KD Ratio] or Grotto(Casual): Alpha
Why do you want to be in AAE: I've been looking for a clan, and you guys look pretty active/good.
Age/Location: 17/Utah
Will you be active on the forums: Yes

I have a few problems: My network is really screwed up. I am trying to fix it but I have had no success. I consistently can't join games (0/50 good games) and I can't party up with my friend (only one I have tried to party with). These problems will seriously hamper me from being in any organized event, since I probably would not be able to join. Tomorrow I'll call my ISP and get my DNS and hopefully fix the problem though.
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Teh Boss
Teh Boss

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PostSubject: Re: FishFuzz99's application [Jan 3rd EFM]   Sun Dec 27, 2009 9:15 pm

Welcome, We have a one week Probationary Period just to make sure you will be active. You will be placed in Alpha Squad. Your Squad Captains are AAE Aero and Walters M82A1 and Nev Zer0

Also, try to get some games in with the following guys:

k illa mikes

Anything else u need just PM me.

-The Outsider-
-The Escape-
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FishFuzz99's application [Jan 3rd EFM]
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