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 Application Procedures

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PostSubject: Application Procedures   Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:24 am

Assassin Angel Elite prides ourselves in being a Casual & Competitive, Multi-Platform, Multi-Gaming clan. How ever, at AAE we are looking for Quality over Quantity, so the rules are as follows.

-Anyone that does not respond to their application after the one week trial period saying they would like to beceome a Member, will be Denied.
-Anyone found Multi-Clanning/Clan Hopping will be Immediately denied.

Please do not apply if you plan to use us a a Fallback clan for some other clan you were denied from, as is this users' intentions

Quote :
ok i have looked at your sites. TUKLUG, i like the low member count, but i dont know if i can meet ur standards. SINarmY, i dont know what it was, but your clan seems to be missing something. so im gonna use your clan as a fall back clan. TUKLUG, im gonna apply for urs, expect a friend request from MEAT STICKERS

After Applying, please add the Gamertags given to you in the reply, and try to game with them whenever necessary. The more you play with them, the better the chance of you being accepted.

You have now entered your trial period, which will consist of a one week test to see how active you will be on the site and on XBL.

When playing in Games with or Without AAE Members, you are expected to use the clan tag "AÆr" Which stands for AAE Recruit.

During Application week you are expected to Log on to the forum At least every 2 Days, and also on Xbox Live every 3 days.

So, these are our Rules, Requirements, and Procedures. Follow them correctly and you will have a great time in AAE.

-The Outsider-
-The Escape-
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Application Procedures
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