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 GFX Request Section Rules

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Teh Boss
Teh Boss

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PostSubject: GFX Request Section Rules   Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:34 am

Please read the rules before you request a sig.

*You may only request 1 new graphic every 2 days.

*Please put the `Type, and Subject In the title of your thread. An example thread title would be: Signature, Hanna Montana.

`- Please refer to the post located near the bottom of this thread to classify what type of REQUEST you want..


1. Main Text; The main text on sig or avatar.
2. Sub Text; Whatever other writing you want to add.
4. Color; Colors you want in your requests.
5. Image/Render; If you have specific image or render you want the artist to use In your request please give us a link. Otherwise, we will choose the graphic we deem best.

NO Animation.

Please do not personal message the artists requesting something. If any of us receive a message in regards to requesting something, we will not respond and we will just delete it.

SPECIAL NOTE: After your signature has been completed the artist will post the final results in your thread. The thread will then be moved to pick-ups.

Look in Pick Ups - to find your new sig.

-The Outsider-
-The Escape-
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GFX Request Section Rules
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