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 N0TakeCandle's App.

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PostSubject: N0TakeCandle's App.   Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:40 pm

XBL GT: N0TakeCandle
AIM: I don't have AIM, just MSN. (
Level/Prestige: Lvl. 30, 1st Prestige.
KD Ratio: 1.13
What Game Modes You Usually Play:TDM, HCTDM, Domination, HQ
Where Did You See About Our Clan/ Were you Reffered by an exsisting member: Modern Warfare 2 Froum
Alpha(Competitive[Requires 1.1 KD Ratio] or Grotto(Casual):Alpha. I'd like to play competitively.
Why do you want to be in AAE: You're an established clan with a good reputation and strong players.
Age/Location: 20 / Lubbock, Tx
Will you be active on the forums: Of course.
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AAE NeV.0.

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PostSubject: Re: N0TakeCandle's App.   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:53 pm

Welcome, We have a one week Probationary Period just to make sure you will be active. You will be placed in Alpha Squad. Your Squad Captains are AAE Aero and MeSaZ HiTmAn and Nev Zer0

Also, try to get some games in with the following guys:

Bleach Visored

Anything else u need just PM me.

As well it is up to you to let us know when your trial period is over. From there we will decide if you have been active enough on XBL and the Forums.
Please make you clan tag AAEr and i look forward to gaming with you.


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N0TakeCandle's App.
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