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 3rd Person HB Sensor Guide

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PostSubject: 3rd Person HB Sensor Guide   Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:28 pm

I wrote this a while ago.
Using the Heartbeat Sensor in MW2 Third Person

Table of Contents

1. Essence of the HB Sensor
2. The HB Sensor in First person
3. How to use the HB Sensor in 3rd Person
4. Tactics using the Heartbeat sensor.

Essence of the Heartbeat Sensor

The heartbeat sensor was entered into MW2 as kind of a Extra UAV. One of the downsides is that it is only Available on Assault Rifles, LMG's, and Snipers, so if you are a SMG kinda guy, you're outta luck.On the plus side It helps players figure out where enemies are without having to get the three kills. Skilled players will learn how to master the heartbeat Sensor in 1st Person, but thats not what I'm here to talk about.

The HB Sensor in First Person

In first person you see the dots on your screen and they go like,

Red Dot - Enemy
Green or Blue - Friendly.

This is used to help players effectively eliminate opponents close to them. It has a range of about 20m, so it wont help against far away enemies.It can also scan through a variety materials; walls, doors, tree lines etc. Now, it may confuse some people because, like the saying in Car Mirror's go, "Objects in view may be closer than they appear". It also doesn't tell you whether your adversary is upstairs or down, so that is left up to you to figure it out. The HB Sensor has a 45 Degree angle.

How to use the Heartbeat Sensor in 3rd person

Ok, so here's the part you've all been waiting for. In first person Sight is the key to mastering the HB Sensor, so what, you may ask, is the Secret to mastering it in 3rd Person? Hearing! That's right, you have to be a good listener to use it effectively in 3rd Person. Far enough away enemies will make your HB Sensor Produce a Low beep, while close Opponents will make it produce a Very High Pitched whine. A lot of opponents may not know this, so use this to your advantage. Also, you are able to hear the enemies' HB Sensor, so that can be something to help you.

Tactics using the HB Sensor

Here are some tactics i've came up with for the HB Sensor in 3rd Person

1. "The Bunker Hill" All you have to do is take the higher ground and wait for them to come (Note:Only use this if the Pitch is getting higher, because if it is getting lower they are leaving and you will be doing this for nothing.)

2 "The Sneak" Sneak around the building or area you are in and try to see if you can spot them.

3 "The Madman" Go to the Room you think they are in and Start spraying like a madman (NOTE: This will only work if you definitely know what room they are in.)

4 "The Hunter" I named it the Hunter because the key to this Strategy is Crouching (Like the Hunter in LFD) And quickly searching rooms. When you find them then you Pounce (Hunter's signature attack in LFD)

~Hope you Enjoyed my Guide, Now go PWN some Noobasaurz!!!

©️ Naim Tyler

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-The Escape-
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3rd Person HB Sensor Guide
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